Tactical FPS Prototype (iPad)

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General Information:

Genre: First Person Shooter

Client: MoTown Gamers

Project Completion: May 2012 

Platform: iPad Exclusive

Project Length: Spring Semester 2012

Role: Lead Designer / Team Manager

Team Size: 7

Gameplay Features:

    • iPad Exclusive
    • WiFi Multiplayer
    • Innovative Control Scheme
    • Interactive Ready-Room
    • Customizable Loadout
    • 7 Weapon Types
    • Fire & Reload Animations
    • Mission Selection
    • Strategy Room (Spawn Selection + Purchase Intel)
    • Firing Range
    • Zombie Invasion
    • Combat Knife Melee
    • Dynamic Accuracy Crosshairs
    • Scopes & Ironsights
    • Grenades
    • Tactical Gameplay

In the capstone course of the Game Design Specialization (TC498) we were broken up into four teams to work directly with clients for the duration of the semester. Our team worked with MoTown Gamers to create a Tactical First Person Shooter for the iPad.

This project was developed as a Research Prototype and served as an incredible learning experience. Our team worked on many new, innovative and creative ideas to create an excellent prototype that MoTown Gamers will use as a launchpad in the near future.

I cannot share too many details of the project, but be sure to check out our Gameplay Trailer, feature list, and keep in touch with MoTown Gamers!

MoTown Gamers Facebook Page


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