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General Information:

Game Type: Casual / Rhythm

Project Completion: November 2011

Platform: Windows / MAC

Project Length: 4 Weeks

Role: Lead Designer / Manager / Lead Artist

Team Size: 4

Game Features:

  • Casual Rhythm Gameplay
  • Simple Controls (Jump & Smash)
  • Tron-Inspired Art Style
  • Vibrant Color Palette


Harmonium was the 2nd student project of the TC455 course at Michigan State University. This particular project had a 4 week development cycle and was produced by 4 students using the Unity Game Engine. The theme of this particular project was “Music / Sound”, and our team produced a Rhythm-based casual platformer.

Harmonium only has two basic actions, Jump and Smash, and is geared toward a casual audience. Our goal was to create a game that was simple, engaging, and addicting to play for short periods of time. I took the roles of designer, lead artist, team manager, and did basic scripting for the project.

Some of the challenges this project presented was the limited development time, (not to mention conflicts with mid-terms and other large projects), as well as the technical difficulties associated with creating a music / rhythm game. Our team would like to eventually revisit Harmonium to add more polish and re-balance / tweak some of the later levels. I think we have a solid foundation laid out with Harmonium, and with some hard work and determination we could come much closer to realizing our vision for the game.

Feel free to download a copy of Harmonium!


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