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General Information:

Game Type: Casual / Puzzle

Project Completion: September 2011

Platform: Windows / MAC

Project Length: 5 Weeks

Role: Lead Designer / Manager / Lead Artist

Team Size: 4

Game Features:

  • Physics Based Tetris-Style Gameplay
  • 2 Different Game Modes
  • High-Score Leaderboards
  • Interactive Main Menu
  • “Concrete Drops”

GeoDrop is a physics-based casual / puzzle game influenced by previous titles like Tetris, Jenga and Boom-Blox. Players use the mouse to control pieces that fall from the sky, placing them carefully to build a sturdy tower. As the water rises from below, players must carefully build their tower while tossing away foundation shaking bombs that fall from above.

GeoDrop was the first team project in my TC455 class this semester. With a 5 week development cycle and another 4 man team, we decided to create a more “casual-game” that was easily accessible and playable. The theme of this project was “Construction”, so with inspiration from games like Tetris, Jenga and Boom-Blox, we created an awesome physics based tower building game!

I assumed the role of Designer and Lead Artist for this project, where I worked on multiple aspects of the game. We didn’t have much of a need for a “lead designer”, but I did run most of the team management, created most of the art assets, worked with the in-game GUI’s, art direction, and whatever else needed to get done!

Our team was highly satisfied with the game we produced, we feel that it is a very well done, fun,  and polished little web-game!

Download a free copy of GeoDrop from one of the links below!


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