Apocalypse Noel: Silver Shells

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General Information:

Genre: Action / Top Down Shooter

Project Completion: December 2011

Platform: Windows / MAC

Project Length: 6-7 Weeks

Role: Lead Designer / Manager

Team Size: 6

Game Features:

  • Online Multiplayer
  • Upgradable Main Weapon (Single Shot, Double Shot, etc.)
  • Cooldown Abilities (Reindeer Charge, Present Mine, Sleigh Strike)
  • Original Guitar Tracks
  • Three Enemy Types
  • Objective System

Apocalypse Noel: Silver Shells was the 3rd and final video game project in our TC 455 Game Design course at Michigan State University. This project had a 5 week development cycle and was designed by a 6 person team. I acted as the lead designer and manager, while also creating the user interface as well as directing the visual design. The theme of the project was “Winter Break”, our team decided to add a bit of a dark holiday twist…

In Apocalypse Noel you control Santa Claus after his sleigh is shot down by raiders in the North Pole. With the use of the Christmas Spirit (Browning M2 Machine Gun) as well as special cool-down abilities (reindeer charge, sleigh strike and a present mine), Santa Claus will stop at nothing to repair his sleigh and get his revenge. Our goal was to recreate the casual pick up and play appeal of top-down / twin stick shooters of the past (Smash TV, Total Carnage), and update them with special cool-down abilities and weapon upgrades  from more modern games (League of Legends, Zombie Apocalypse).

Apocalypse Noel has a functioning Online Co-Op Mode, allowing two players to complete the game together over the internet. We were the first and only group to successfully implement a networking multi-player feature into a game designed during the Fall 2011 semester. Exploring this new territory allowed us to learn a great deal about networking and the complications of designing a game with multi-player features in mind.

However, our group was fairly ambitious with this project and unfortunately didn’t have enough time to complete, implement, and polish all of the features that we would have liked. If given the opportunity I would love to revisit this project and help bring it closer to our original vision.

Apocalypse Noel: Silver Shells is available for download below:


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