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General Information:

Genre: Adventure / Exploration

Project Completion: April 2011

Platform: Windows / MAC

Project Length: 6 Weeks

Role: Lead Designer / Lead Artist / Manager

Team Size: 4

Game Features:

  • 7 Levels
  • Level Flythroughs
  • Grappling Hook and Flare Gun
  • Time Trials Mode
  • High-Score Leaderboards
  • Collectible Upgrades
  • Interactive Tutorial

Hooked was the final project for my TC445 course (first game design class) at MSU. With a 5 week development cycle and 4 man team, we created an awesome first person platformer that received rave reviews! This was our first attempt at a team project where we met many new challenges and exceeded our own expectations. In many ways this was a crash course into game development. We had to learn all about team dynamics, using the Unity 3D engine, and dealing with the bugs, late nights, and crazy coding fixes that comes along with any game design project.

I assumed the role of Lead Designer and Lead Artist for Hooked where I was involved in just about every aspect of the design and development process. Many hours of hard work and some sleepless nights went into this project, but the results were well worth it! I worked with an excellent team full of talented individuals who later became good friends of mine as well as teammates in future projects.

Hooked was accepted into the 2011 M.S.U. TISM Showcase where it was the runner-up in the People’s Choice Award. Also, Hooked is currently showcased on the TISM website and was a part of the local television program Double Jump. Our group also revisited the project later on in the semester for some added polish and features (Arcade Mode, High-Score Functionality, Graphical Improvements) in order to submit the project to the Student Independent Games Festival (IGF).

Independent Games Festival – Hooked Submission

TISM – Hooked

Double Jump Ep.7 – Featuring Hooked

You can download Hooked for free!

Design Document – PDF Format


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