Ford Driving Skills for Life

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General Information:

Genre: Driving / Educational

Client: Ford Driving Skills for Life

Project Completion: August 2012

Platform: Web Deployed / Windows / MAC

Project Length: May – August 2012

Role: Lead Designer / Team Manager

Team Size: 9

Ford Driving Skills for Life is a modern web-based three-dimensional game that provides players with real-world skills that will help them become better drivers on the road. The game is based on the live hands-on driving training events conducted by the Ford Driving Skills for Life program.  However, unlike the hands-on program, which is only available to a select few students, the web-based game will be accessible by millions of young drivers around the world.  Further, given the safety of the game environment, the game is able to put players in situations, such as distracted driving in traffic, that is not possible in the hands-on training program. Ford DS4L supplements the existing learning materials available on the Driving Skills for Life website.  The game provides an interactive and entertaining experience that will create additional draw to the website, engage young drivers in safe driving practices, and teach young drivers new driving skills.

Working on Ford DS4L was a great experience! Our team was presented with the opportunity to work with a large client on a very important subject matter, educating new drivers. As recent college graduates / current college students, we are only a handful of years outside of being new drivers. We remember the excitement and anxiety that went hand in hand with driving for the first time, and loved having the opportunity to help out these new drivers.

I assumed the roles of Lead Designer / Team Manager for this project, while also contributing some artwork and early voice-acting. I was responsible for pitching to the clients, corresponding with them over the duration of the project, prototyping stages, game balance, and managing the day-to-day as well as long term milestones. Over the past few projects (Tactical FPS Prototype, Apocalypse Noel, etc), I have been assuming more managerial / production roles. I’ve found that I’m becoming skilled in keeping track of the details and schedules of projects, as well as working closely with the entire team.

Game Features:

  • 3-D Driving Experience
  • Vehicle Shop
  • Custom Decals + Paint Jobs
  • Driving Statistics
  • 30 + Achievements
  • Distracted Driving Course
  • Fatal Vision SimulationA
  • Accident Avoidance Course
  • Driving Instructor

Check out the Ford DS4L Website!


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