About Me

My name is William Jeffery and I am a recent graduate of Michigan State University! I have earned a Bachelors Degree in the Media Arts and Technology program with a specialization in Game Design. As a dedicated student (who was willing to sacrifice multiple hours of sleep and varying degrees of sanity), I was able balance a heavy courseload of credit hours with time spent working on Game Design projects. A majority of these projects (which can be seen on the home page) have been class projects for the TC445, TC455, and TC498 courses at Michigan State University.

I am currently employed as a Visiting Instructor at Michigan State University where I co-instruct the TC 445 (Game Design and Development) and TC 497 (Game Design Studio) courses with Professor Brian Winn. I am also working at the Michigan State University G.E.L. Lab (Games for Entertainment and Learning) on various game design projects throughout the semester.

I’ve been a gamer my entire life, starting with the original Nintendo Entertainment System. I’ve been told by my parents that I would play MegaMan 2 until I cried from frustration, only to pick it up again the next day. I must have been pretty young at the time, either that or I have completely repressed those memories… I have a softspot for platformers, I’ve always been a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario, and wish to create my own platformer in the near future. I play all types of video games, from Real-Time Strategy (Starcraft 2) to First Person Shooters (Call of Duty, America’s Army, Battlefield), Online Multiplayer Games (League of Legends), and Platformers / Action Adventure (Sonic, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper), pretty much any game I can get my hands on (time permitting…).

As a designer, I pride myself in having knowledge and experience in most aspects of the game design process. Most of my knowledge and experience lays in the Unity 3D Engine, which we use extensively in the Michigan State game design program. I construct 3D Models (mostly using Autodesk MAYA); I have knowledge in UV Mapping and Texturing, and some basic programming knowledge (mostly Javascript and some C#). I also work with GUI’s, sound design and recording, video editing, and 2D image editing. However, my passion lies in Game Design itself as a project leader, team manager, and level designer. I feel that I have found my niche and am able to best serve a team and project within these roles.

I love creating games that other people love to play, and it is my goal to continue to do this as my profession.


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